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C2DBaseSet Member List

This is the complete list of members for C2DBaseSet, including all inherited members.

Add(C2DBase *NewItem)C2DBaseSet
C2DBase(E_TYPE Type)C2DBase [inline]
DeleteAndSet(int nIndx, C2DBase *NewItem)C2DBaseSet
DeleteAt(unsigned int nIndx)C2DBaseSet
Distance(const C2DPoint &Point) const C2DBaseSet [virtual]
E_TYPE enum nameC2DBase
ExtractAndSet(int nIndx, C2DBase *NewItem)C2DBaseSet
ExtractAt(unsigned int nIndx)C2DBaseSet
GetAt(int nIndx)C2DBaseSet
GetAt(int nIndx) const C2DBaseSet
GetBoundingRect(C2DRect &Rect) const C2DBaseSet [virtual]
GetType(void) const C2DBase [inline]
Grow(double dFactor, const C2DPoint &Origin)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
InsertAt(unsigned int nIndx, C2DBase *NewItem)C2DBaseSet
InsertAt(unsigned int nIndx, C2DBaseSet &Other)C2DBaseSet
m_DataC2DBaseSet [protected]
m_TypeC2DBase [protected]
Move(const C2DVector &Vector)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
operator<<(C2DBaseSet &Other)C2DBaseSet
operator<<(C2DBase *NewItem)C2DBaseSet
operator[](int nIndx)C2DBaseSet
operator[](int nIndx) const C2DBaseSet
Project(const C2DLine &Line, CInterval &Interval) const C2DBaseSet [virtual]
Project(const C2DVector &Vector, CInterval &Interval) const C2DBaseSet [virtual]
Reflect(const C2DPoint &Point)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
Reflect(const C2DLine &Line)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
RotateToRight(double dAng, const C2DPoint &Origin)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
size(void) const C2DBaseSet
SnapToGrid(void)C2DBaseSet [virtual]
SortByDistance(const C2DPoint &pt, bool bAscending=true)C2DBaseSet
~C2DBase(void)C2DBase [inline, virtual]

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