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GeoLib Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
C2DArcClass which represents a curved line
C2DBaseAbstract base class for all Geometric entities
C2DBaseSetA set of geometric entities of different types held as pointers to a base class geometric entity
C2DCircleClass which represents a circle
C2DHoledPolyArcClass which represents a curved polygon with holes
C2DHoledPolyArcSetA set of curved polygons
C2DHoledPolyBaseClass which represents a C2DPolyBase with holes
C2DHoledPolyBaseSetA collection of holed polygons
C2DHoledPolygonClass which represents a polygon with holes
C2DHoledPolygonSetA collection of holed polygons
C2DLineClass which represents a line segment i.e. a finite line
C2DLineBaseC2DLineBase class, an abstract class which defines the functionality that a Line class must have
C2DLineBaseSetC2DLineBaseSet class, a collection of lines
C2DLineBaseSetSetC2DLineBaseSetSet class a collection of line sets. Used to store strands of lines from splitting up a polygon
C2DLineSetC2DLineSet class a collection of lines
C2DPointClass which represents a cartesian point
C2DPointSetClass which represents a set of points
C2DPolyArcClass which represents a closed area with lines that are either straight or curved
C2DPolyArcSetClass which represents a set of arcs
C2DPolyBaseA class which forms the basis of a 2 dimensional area or shape such as a polygon. Contains a closed set of lines of some sort, based on the abstract class C2DLineBase. Lines can be of mixed type
C2DPolyBaseSetA collection of base polygons
C2DPolygonClass which represents a polygon
C2DPolygonSetA class which represents a set of 2D polygons
C2DRectClass representing a rectangle
C2DRectSetC2DRectSet class a collection of rects
C2DRouteClass representing a set of connected points which do not necassarily join
C2DSegmentC2DSegment represents a segment which is part of a circle, sliced in 2 with a line
C2DTriangleClass which represents a triangle
C2DVectorClass represents a 2D vector from the origin
C3DPoint3D Point class
CGeoLatLongClass with data for latitude, and longitude. Functions to convert to Geocentric co-ordinates and 2D. Units in metres
CGeoLatLongHeightClass with data for latitude, longitude and height. Functions to convert to Geocentric co-ordinates and 2D
CGridClass which is used to hold information about the grid
CIndexSetClass which is used to store a set of indexes in a simple array
CIntervalA class for managing an interval [a, b] between 2 numbers
CMapProjectClass which is used to project a lat long object to a C2DPoint and vice versa
CRandomNumberA class which provides a simple mechanism for generating random numbers
CSetDataClass to hold the index set data
CTravellingSalesmanA class which uses heuristic methods to help minimise routes between points. Used by the polygon for reordering points

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