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  • Geometric representations within the library are vectors, points, lines, arcs, circles, segments, triangles, rectangles, polygons, curved polygons, polygons with holes and curved polygons with holes.

  • Fully object-oriented design. Classes to represent collections of different geometric entities.

  • Abstract line based polygon class packed with functions. Add your own definition of a line to the code and you have a new type of polygon.

  • Calculation of minimum distance between geometric entities with closest points.

  • Intersections between all different geometric entities.

  • Bounding rectangle calculation for all.

  • Projections onto a line or a vector for all.

  • Basic transformations for all; movement, rotation, reflection in point, reflection in a line and grow.

  • All polygon types support intersection, union and difference with all other polygon types.

  • All polygon types support area, perimeter and centroid calculation.

  • Straight line polygon adds, automatic reordering of points to avoid crossing lines, collision avoidance, smoothing, morphing, convex hull, convex sub area creation and bounding circle.

  • Triangle class adds circumcentre, Fermat point (Torricelli point) and InCentre.

  • The geodetic (lat long) position classes supports transformation to Cartesian co-ordinates through 24 different map projections as well as great circle distance, bearing and slant range.

  • All co-ordinates stored as double precision floating points for simplicity. Integer degenerate cases handled for polygon operations.

  • Easy to understand comments for every function and class.


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