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  Welcome to GeoLib

GeoLib is a fast, efficient, computational geometry library available in C++, C# and Java.

Established in 2005, GeoLib is fast proving to be the geometry package of choice for the professional software developer. Whether you require a general purpose library to speed up your development time or highly optimised complex geometric algorithms, GeoLib will be a vital part of your core toolset.

With highly tested algorithms, excellent help and support, and ease of use, GeoLib is the geometry solution for you. We pride ourselves on being user friendly. Even the most complex functions are easy to use and you'll be using GeoLib within minutes. We also have a comprehensive set of online help and documentation should you require it.

GeoLib is free to use under the GNU General Public License. Commercial licenses are also available.

The library contains a collection of classes including vectors, points, lines, circles, rectangles, polygons and curved polygons. Polygons support Boolean operations such as union, intersection and difference as well as a variety of functions, from point inclusion tests to convex hull creation. For a more detailed list of functions see the features section, or download our demonstrations and user guides.

Included in the library is a class representing a geodetic position which, in addition to a number of other functions, provides conversion to Cartesian co-ordinates through 24 different map projections allowing geospatial polygon representation.


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